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Honor 7X – 18:9 screen ratio, 5.93″ full-view display. Dual-lens camera. Unlocked Smartphone, Black (US Warranty Review

Honor 7X  – 18:9 screen ratio, 5.93″ full-view display. Dual-lens camera. Unlocked Smartphone,  Black (US Warranty Review


Model: 51092ASL



    • Edge-to-edge all-screen design. With a high screen-to-body ratio and 2160 x 1080 FHD+ resolution, the Honor Full View display on the Honor 7X brings you an astonishing, immersive visual experience.
    • Take the lead in games. The Honor 7x’s 18: 9 screen provides more real estate than a traditional 16: 9 screen, giving you a wider view than other gamers.
    • Never fall behind in catching up with friends while watching videos. The one-key screen split function offers an even faster multi-management experience.
    • The Classic metal design of the Honor 7X is a delight to hold, with its perfectly rounded edge. The 2.5D glass face flows seamlessly into the aluminum chassis.
    • The dual-lens 16MP + 2MP rear Camera captures life’s magical moments in the highest definition, empowering your inner photographer.



51092ASL Reviews

“The Honor 7X Has Reset How Much I Will Pay To Get A telephone”

UPDATE (2/18/18):After having the phone 1 month, the 1 nit I have is with Android Vehicle in my Volt. Sometimes the 7x has problems keeping up (i.e. map display is blank). The remedy would be to reboot. But, Ive had a love-hate connection with Android Auto on my Nexus 6p too – not this specific difficulty but enough other things that makes me wonder how much actual testing is completed on the app. So, its hard to say when its the 7x or Google.ORIGINAL REVIEW:Unfortunately, my previous phone, the Nexus 6P (which was also Huawei-built) entered into the boot-loop of passing last weekend and that I needed to get a brand new phone. Deciding a new phone is a life-decision for me personally since its with me than anything else that I own. I was looking for a short-term telephone prior to the upcoming Galaxy 9 announcement and decided on the Honor 7x due to the reviews – the 7x was oxymoronically termed the premium budget phone. Once I bought a brand new flagship, Id allow the Honor 7x turned into a backup phone.Wow – that I was not anticipating this phone.Whats good* Built Quality – it feels just like a flagship* Snappy functionality – enough said* Headphone jack – Im a big user of bluetooth, but many times I dont want the hassle* Included instance – yet another $20 I dont have to spend MicroSD slot – I like the choice of more memory without having to pay extortion pricing for embedded memory* Low telephone stress: In this price, I dont need to guard this telephone just like a Faberge egg (yes, I still had to look up the spelling for this)Whats not good and why it doesnt matter for me (i.e. could I pay an additional $400+ to find these attributes)* No Type-C: Yes, Im hoping to emphasise this but Ive got lots of microUSB devices today. Im still living in a combined charger world for a while so Im fine with this (but just now)* Not OLED: Yes, my Nexus 6P was smarter. But, fixing a busted OLED cost over this telephone (so I lived with a cracked screen)* Camera: Im sure the camera isnt as good as the flagships but it doesnt move my $400 needle* Bezel – it’s a little bezel. Who cares. * No quick charging: You need rapid charging if your battery cant get you through the afternoon – that battery will more than get you through the day* No 5GHz WiFi radio: Its loading programs and streaming videos plenty fast for me today. * No NFC: As I cant rely on vendors accepting Android Pay, Ive always got my credit cards with me. * Not watertight: Ill just continue to be careful with the telephone. * Not SnapDragon latest: Provided that the performance is good – it doesnt matter. * I cant recall how to spell Hawui: However, I feel superior to other people in that I will pronounce it.Whats not great and may not matter to you:* Comes with Android 7, maybe not Andriod 8. Given that only .2 percent of devices were on 8 you probably dont care about this. For me personally, its own requirement to get a manufacturer to release a telephone within a classic OS. This is why when I transitioned from Apple to Android, I depended on the Google Nexus because I knew I’d always get the latest. As a tech enthusiast, even once I read about a new software feature thats accessible, I need to have it. However, the reality is that, unlike the previous days when new major versions of OSs included exciting and life-altering attributes, the previous set of important releases have been sort of a yawn-fest. However, its important to me personally and how Huewai keeps pace with the newest releases will be a variable if I pick them again.Summing it up, fantastic phone at a fantastic price. I’d pay more if I had to, but with the Honor 7x, it didnt. IMHO, if you are buying a flagship phone from Samsung/Apple/Google, then youre making a fashion statement. (but, Ill let you know when I alter my view)

Honor 7X – 18:9 screen ratio, 5.93″ full-view display. Dual-lens camera. Unlocked Smartphone, Black (US Warranty Review | 51092ASL Review